Thank you

All our local healers, informants and rural communities who provided plants and shared traditional wisdom.
Dr. Channa Bambaradeniya (Former Head of Biodiversity –IUCN Sri Lanka)
David Thistlethwaite of the John Ray Initiative (UK)
Jonathan Twinning of Marah International (US)
Gary Swart of Tearfund (UK)
Ecoteer and Green Volunteers (UK)
All volunteers from various parts of the world who have contributed thus far.
Prof. Mike Huffman (Japan), Prof. Fred Provenza (US), Dr. Peter Mathews (NZ), Dr. Rainer Busman (US), Dr. Raj P K Puri (UK), Mr. E.D. Brown (US), Mr. Ashley Glenn (US), and all other professionals who have contributed in various ways.


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